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Looking for advice on first build.

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June 2, 2012 12:17:58 AM

I am a first time builder looking to build a gaming pc capable of performing at high/max settings (averaging 60fps) that will last me a good few years. I currently run at 1280x1024 but once I am able to buy a new monitor I hope to be able to run at 1080p.

If you could give me feedback on my current part list I would be very grateful. Such as whether all the components are compatible with each other or if there are cheaper and/or better alternatives. I also need to find a reliable and compatible PSU, I have a budget of £50 - £70 for the PSU. If you could help that would be great. :) 


CPU Cooler -

Mobo -$ja=tsid%3a11518%7ccat%3a32240355%7cprd%3a32240355

Ram -



Case -

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June 2, 2012 1:55:31 AM

CPU is a good choice, no problems there.

CPU cooler may not be the best, I would replace with the Hyper 212 EVO. Its considered the best at the budget range.

Mobo: Fatal1ty branded stuff is just outright more expensive than its merits would have it because of the name. Go with the AsRock Z77 Extreme4, will serve you just as well and 15 pounds cheaper.

RAM is all good. Just check it wont get in the way of the 212 EVO or whatever cooler you pick.

GPU is a good pick, make sure to overclock it as it has plenty of potential for it.

HDD: Not the best there is, I would suggest this one. Only 20 Pounds more, quadruple the cache size and double the capacity.

Case: I foresee a problem with running out of 5.25" drive bays with that case. Youl have an Optical Drive, one more (something like a fan controller) and your done. This case is around the same price, same colour scheme you'v gone for, better connectivity (USB 3 and such, which the mobo I listed supports) and Coolermaster dont dissapoint with their cases.

As for a good PSU. The OCZ ModXtreme 600W should be fine. 80+ Certified, half modular design, red stickers and such. I realise OCZ isnt the best name in PSU's, but its the cheapest there with a modular interface, and there not too bad. (if you plan to crossfire in the future, youl have to get a 750W)

If you still have some coin left over, see if you can get yourself a small SSD as well.

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