What is a safe overclock for ATI Radeon 4350 512 MB

I overclocked it to 474/475 Already but i want more performance, is there a max i can go to that won't kill the card/crash my PC?

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  1. Very little gain from overclocking that card, does not matter how much it will not turn into a gaming card!
  2. I cannot understand why people do this, i asked a freaking question not someone saying "No, it can't" or something.

    Please, if you don't have anything helpful to say do not say it.
  3. You should overvolt the *** out of that and clock it to at least 600-700 on both the core and memory. After you've killed the card you should go out and get a better one :)
  4. The truth is that every card is different and what somebody else got as a safe overclock might not work for yours. 10-20% is what I would consider a good overclock!
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