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Hello everyone.

I own a Dell E510 and I want to upgrade some of its parts. I would like to run virtual machines on this device, but whenever I try to do this, the computer tends to run very slow. Even a simple antivirus scan causes this computer to run slow.

I have already done a fresh install of Windows. In particular, Windows 7 Ultimate. I have even adjusted the "Performance" settings under "System Properties" to "Adjust for Best Performance".

I was considering upgrading the current CPU that I have to one that I saw on ebay.

Here is the link to the one that I came across:

I am currently running an Intel Pentium D 2.66Ghz. Would I see considerable improvement if I purchase the processor above that I saw on eBay?

I am also currently running under 3GB of RAM, and I was thinking of upgrading to 4GB of RAM. Would I see considerable improvement if I do this upgrade?

I also thought about upgrading the video card that I have on this system, but I wondered how will upgrading a video card improve the performance of my computer?

Currently the one that is installed on my system is called: "RADEON X600 Series (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM)"
(This is what the "Device Manager" tells me.)

Could my performance also be hindered for the fact that I am running Windows 7? I thought about installing an operating system that consumes less resources such as Linux, but then again Linux doesn't support some programs that I want to run and it is complicated to learn how to use it, and not very user friendly.

So thank you for taking the time to read this, and I'd appreciate any feedback and support.
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  1. When you run native the operating system can directly access HW. When the same operating system runs as a virtual machine the hypervisor must intercept and emulate all requests to hardware. This is slow. So CPUs got virtualization assists. Stuff like this:

    You Pentium d is not going to be great at virtualization. Nor is the new one. The new one will be faster if it is supported (check the list of supported processor upgrades for the dell E510 then make sure you are on the latest dell e510 BIOS load before you try a new processor in your PC.

    My personal advice would be to buy a new system. The Pentium D has given you an incredibly long usable life, time to retire it. A good new desktop is $200-300. Spending $50 or more on upgrades to end up with a slightly faster Pentium D system is not really cost effective.
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