Okay last week i got my brand new Asus G72GX, its been working perfectly until today when i tried to download a PDF file and it wouldnt let me, then froze firefox, i ended process and then Adobe wanted to update so i let it, then i got a BSOD. I ignored it and let it restart, once it started i opened firefox and got a BSOD 0x00000024, then i tried to figure out what was wrong, and found out i should do a disk check. So i started safe mode went into cmd and started it, it told me to restart and it would take effect. After letting it run for a while it randomly BSOD again with error 0x00000109. Then i tried it again, it got farther then BSOD, then i tried starting my computer uninstalling the virus software (avg free) and i got another BSOD 0x00000001E and then it tried restarting and every time i get another BSOD. Is my computer dead? Can i do something to fix this? Please help guys i really need you i just threw down $1,100 on this computer.
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  1. Just got a 0xc8 error, i'm going to try to uninstall all drivers and reinstall the default drivers that came with the system.
  2. get rid of adobe and get foxit reader.
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