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Hey guys, first post so dont bite my head off.

So in Ireland for 4th year (15-16 year old) in my school we get to do a thing called a year project, i decided to build a PC. I want some advice/help because I have all the parts ready, but im on a tight budget (€600-650) Right now im pushing €629. Im only 15 so i dont think the budget will change all too much, here's the components, looking for any help that can be given :D

CPU: Intel Pentium Dual Core G850 2.9GHz LGA1155 3MB

GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTS 430 730MHz 1GB PCI-Express HDMI

RAM: Corsair Memory 8GB (2x4GB) Vengeance Performance DDR3 1600MHz CL9 DIMM

MOBO: Gigabyte Z68P-DS3 S1155 Intel Z68 DDR3 ATX

PSU: Corsair 500 Watt CX500 V2 Builder Series 80 Plus Power Supply

Case: Zalman Z11 Plus

Optical Drive: Samsung SH-S223 22x DVD-RW SATA OEM

HDD: Seagate 1TB Barracuda SATA 6Gb/s 64MB 7200RPM Hard Drive

CPU Cooler: Akasa Intel LGA 775/1156 Copper Core heatsink with 92mm

Monitor: Samsung S19B150N 18.5 WIDE LED 1366 X 768 VGA Widescreen

Thanks in advance for any help/info that I can use :D
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  1. well im from ireland too so first ill ask what site your buying those parts from, then i wonder what it is you want the computer to do .. from that spec i would say not gaming but more media pc
    and sadly it is more for gaming :( but i don't have the money for the better parts. so I'm planning on upgrading slowly as I go. And I'm 15 so i have plenty of time for upgrading.
  3. does your software have to be included in your €600 price ? as in windows 7 costing 100 quid are you prepared to use ubuntu maybe or a similiar linux based os
  4. Im getting a 64bit from a member of my family who is using 32bit and still has the 64bit disk and code for it
  5. ok ill have a look for your budget but check out and also for better deals than dabs on the parts ..price around
  6. you won't be able to use both 64bit and 32bit of unless you paid for more than one licence code
  7. Dabs is the easiest because it isn't charging me postage charges, and I have priced around a lot, and to be honest I don't want to change what i have already too much
  8. then how would someone upgrade from 32 to 64 if they had both disks?
  9. it overwrites the 32 bit system .. are you going to overclock?
  10. If this is such a low budget gaming computer, then get a cheaper Pentium G620 as the CPU, don't buy an aftermarket CPU cooler (CPUs generally come with a decent cooler in the box that the CPU comes in), get a cheaper motherboard (Z68 is only relevant if you want to overclock your CPU and RAM, but there are no cheap Intel CPUs that support much overclocking these days and RAM overclocking isn't helpful for gaming and a CPU overclock would not help gaming performance unless you had a video card that is fast enough to make use of a fast CPU), and then you might be able to get a faster video card (the most important component for gaming).
  11. ... well thats an extra 100 quid ontop of that :/ and no i don't plan on it just yet, especially because i cant afford a better CPU
  12. the after-market heatsink is only €13
  13. If you know a college student, you might be able to get Windows for free or at a huge discount through Microsoft Dreamspark. I didn't pay for Windows at all; I went to, downloaded an evaluation copy of Windows strait from Microsoft's own site (legally), and never paid a penny for it (except for the power bill and cable bill, but that would get paid anyway). That €13 on the cooler is €13 being wasted on something that won't help you at all, so don't spend it on a cooler unless you really want to (I wouldn't know why you would, but if you want to, you could do it anyway).
  14. this may be the 15 year old in me coming out but i wanted the fan because it lit up blue and i really wanted the the computer to be lit up by lights. and i do have a sister in college but shes doing religion so i dont know how that would work. and did you download it onto a CD and install it? all the cheaper mobos dont have what im looking for (4 ram slots, and PCIs and 3, 3pin headers)
  15. after some changes (CPU, Heatsink, and cheaper HDD) i managed to keep the same ^€630 budget but squeeze in a Asus GeForce GTX 550
  16. Quote:
    this may be the 15 year old in me coming out but i wanted the fan because it lit up blue and i really wanted the the computer to be lit up by lights. and i do have a sister in college but shes doing religion so i dont know how that would work. and did you download it onto a CD and install it? all the cheaper mobos dont have what im looking for (4 ram slots, and PCIs and 3, 3pin headers)

    I downloaded a Windows ISO file and used a program called Novicorp WinToFlash to *burn* it to a USB flash drive. Flash drives are faster than DVDs (can't fit Windows on CDs anymore, at least unless you want Windows XP or older) and they install Windows faster and I can rewrite it as many times as I want (until it breaks), so I tend to prefer flash drives over DVDs and CDS. Don't worry about having four RAM slots and all of those fan headers. Your computer won't generate so much heat that it needs extra fans. PCI slots aren't very useful, unless you have a PCI card that you really want to use.
  17. Thats also not including the monitor, so that is way out of my price range, no chance of that. im 15 with no income so :P im happy with what i changed my specs to, im going to change my RAM too because that 50 for the corsair is too steep
  18. ok cool i get your point
  19. Hey dude, I think I've mastered the budget build now, just wanted to tell you a couple of things.

    First the Kingston Hyper Blue is really good 1600Mhz ram and is probably the best buy for the buck, and you really won't need more that four gigs.

    Second, you can't beat the price to performance ratio of the FX-6100 or the FX-6200 ($139 and $159 respectively)

    And the 990x chipsets they work on are blazing fast and reasonably priced and I highly recommend Gigabyte's UD3s, a very tough and, well, durable (had on catch fire and not stop running, using it right now, it's what the D stands for in UD3). If you don't have to buy OS, well then your good, built my last system on these parts for $680 (without OS) and I believe your euros should go a little farther (ass long as Greece stays solvent). And finally, the HD 6850s are only $145 now and are the BEST price to performance you can get, plus you can get a second one later for super power. Have one now OCed to 850Mhz and the GDDR5 running at 1100Mhs and it hangs with the best games, really, I'm a gamer and I love my last budget machine, even more than some of the expensive builds I've done for my friends.

    And about that OS, not saying you "should" do this, but if I were a 15yo dude building a machine on a super tight budget, I'd get Utorrent, search bitsnoop, isohunt, and demonoid (if you can get membership) for XP and WIN7 (your looking for corporate license versions if you can find them, no need for crack) and try to use whatever I found. I know there some good XP's out there, but you definitely want to get Win 7 at some point.

    Lastly, you can find the 650 watt PSU for a great price on New Egg, would recommend you went with one of those just in case you need the headroom for power, and not much of a price difference if you shop carefully.

    I have a 6100 running at 3.9Ghz on the stock fan and heatsink, (could not be easier to overclock, you can even set the mobo voltages to Auto, Ha!) and it games like a beast and you can't beat the price.
    Good luck, and what a kick ass school project.
  20. The FX-6xxx CPUs are hardly any better than the FX-4xxx CPUs in gaming, the 7770 that I recommended is faster and a better value than the 6850 in addition to being both superior at overclocking and at Crossfire, and 8GB is a better option than 4GB, especially for the future-proofing.

    Now is a bad time to buy AMD because not only do AMD CPUs have a gaming performance disadvantage, but AMD is making their newer Vishera CPUs with Piledriver instead of Bulldozer and they are supposed to be far better than Zambezi CPUs with Bulldozer (Trinity has Piledriver and current reviews of Trinity APUs look very good with the Trinity closing most of the CPU performance disparity between Llano and Sandy/Ivy Bridge).

    About your motherboard recommendation... I absolutely agree, those UD3s are nice, but what I recommended is a better long-term purchase in addition to being better short-term. When recommending builds for their price, don't forget about the power consumption. The myth that computers don't use enough power to make a difference in the power bill is just a myth.

    Kingston RAM is good, but I've had problems with it and I hear about more problems with Kingston than with Corsair, Crucial, and G.Skill (although not many more). If Kingston is much cheaper, then I would consider it as an option. However, if it's close in price to a similar kit from the other three companies mentioned above, then I would not consider it unless it had heat-spreaders and the other companies cheapest kit with heat-spreaders was much more expensive. Performance-wise, there would not be a difference. However, Crucial and the other two have incredible reliability and customer service if you know how to contact them properly and Kingston is not always as good about that.

    The Pentium G620 is half the price of the FX-4100, yet at stock, the G620 is the faster gaming processor (although not by much) in most games. The G620 also uses less than half of the FX-6100's power usage. That combined with the Radeon 7770's power usage advantage against the 6850 leaves for some serious savings over a few months to a year while having slightly superior performance.

    Also, could you not promote software piracy? That's illegal and can get us all into trouble.
  21. My neighbor has a fx-4100, and he's always going on about he should've gotten the 6100 like me when he comes over and sees me gaming, but, yeah, in actuality, there pretty close in gaming (depending on the app and how it utilizes cores) and I recommend it cause it's a great price to performance, just check passmark

    No your absolutely correct and as I pay my power bill and am a gamer, I am very conscious of the power, never used more than 650watts, but have found 550 sometimes very limiting, but that will probably change soon with the Ivy bridge and after, which is why I'm going Ivy bridge on my next build.

    Have used it the Kingston Hyperx blues on three builds and never had a problem, and they were always the cheapest ($23 for four Gigs on my last build)

    Yeah, not so much promoting it as thinking like a 15yo, I bought every copy of Windows (and Linux) that I own, paid $285 dollars for 7Pro, unless he can get a student discount of some kind, if will not be feasible for him to purchase one. I figured the crazy ass price I paid for the OS that broke my system many a times will cover him.
    And the 6850 is more powerful, the same price, and would only make a huge power difference under heavy load, doubt he pays his power bill, but nice of you to think about that.
  22. and forgot to add, check the DYI's (Do it yourself) on NEWEGG, you can get really good budget deals, with reduced price on HDs and cases.
  23. if your not going to over clock then look and the non x68 mb and a i-3 3120. it wont bottleneck a mid range video card. if you think your going to replace the cpu then look into one of the 7x chipset h77 or b77. that can do ib. four g of ram is fine right now unless your going to photo shop.
  24. Okay guys a few thing :)

    Newegg don't ship to Ireland, if they did i would be using them because the euros to dollars is so good right now (even with greece going under)

    also I've taken a big hit and decided that im just going to have buy a - Intel Core i3-2120 3.30GHz LGA1155 3MB (BTW I'm an intel man, not going AMD, Intel have a factory in Maynooth but I'm not sure if that improves the prices) so with the i3-2120, the price rises to €694.46... think this is the maximum ... and I'm not even sure if i can convince my parents to go half-n-half on this

    I would like to keep the RAM i have now (8gb) just for the extra headroom and I do use Photo-editors and CAD for Technical graphics in school so I need it I think.

    also i probably didnt make this clear enough but that 630 included my monitor because thats also expensive, unless my parents but a new computer and give me the old one we have, or i can just fork out the extra €80 which i dont want to do :P

    thank for all the help btw :D and yea im looking forward to doing it, i want to do computer sciences when i leave school and do programming and the such. maybe computer engineering or IT
  25. the price is 611 without the monitor btw
  26. Okay sorry for the triple post but here is the new and revised build
    (im not changing the case, I absolutely love that Z11)

    PSU: Corsair Memory 600W Builder Series CX V2 ATX PSU (€61)

    MOBO: Gigabyte Z68P-DS3 S1155 (€86)

    CPU: Intel Core i3-2120 3.30GHz (€116)

    GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 550 Ti 970MHz 1GB PCI-Express HDMI Windforce 2X (€117)

    HDD: Samsung 750GB Spinpoint M8 SATA 3 Gb/s 2.5" 5400RPM 8MB (€78)

    Optical drive: Samsung SH-S223 22x DVD-RW (€15)

    RAM: Corsair Memory 4GB Vengeance Performance (€26)

    Case: Zalman Z11 Plus
    (Then there's peripherals i need like a mouse, wireless card and speakers and a monitor the 602 includes all except the monitor. I don't want to waste the HD on the GPU but that would be expensive)
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