No audio, New sound card still no audio

I recently bought a barebone kit and built a computer. I have installed in windows 7 64 bit.
the motherboard is an biostar A780L3G. Everything was installed correctly and running smooth except, I could not get sound.

Repeatedly tried drivers and tried enabling the onboard audio through the bios but no go. Tried uninstalling all drivers and rebooting. made sure i installed the chipset before installing audio drivers. After all these attempts still nothing. Says i have no speakers or headphones in. when i do, tried a headset and speakers, which work on my girlfriends computer.

So i went out tonight and bought a soundcard and installed it. uninstalled drivers for onboard and installed drivers for the new sound card (PCI). tried several drivers for this as well with no sound as my conclusion.

What can be the problem? all my motherboard cords are correct. Please help and many thanks for effort. Been working on this for a week.
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  1. First of all, buying a soundcard was quite an extreme could have had your computer diagnosed for probably lesser at a local computer repair shop.

    If you are absolutely SURE you have installed the correct drivers, then most probably somehow the sound output got MUTED by mistake. AFAIK it will most certainly be somethin as stupid as that :) Please patiently open up all sound preferences and check again.

    Did you check if you have inserted the headphones in the correct jack, refer the manual, the other jack is for a Microphone input. They are color coded usually, i think blue is for headphone out, but i don;t remember correctly, so please double check with your manual.

    It wouldn't hurt to uninstall the drivers and reinstall again. Also check if you have installed the chords inside the box properly one more time.

    As an extreme step, i remember once while installing XP long ago, i cancelled the audio driver installation half way, after that no matter what i did , it never got installed properly again. I ended up formatting and reinstalling windows and the drivers again, and taa-daa, it worked!!

    All the best :)
  2. Thank you Shawn for your input.

    i figured a 20 dollar sound card wouldnt be that bad of a step, Don't know how much a diagnostic is though.

    Checked all my jacks and checked if anything was muted.

    I even did the extreme and reinstalled windows, XP this time and still nothing :/

    I have been trying different things for the past week, I'm thinking something is bad in my board? is that possible? or would the sound card have fixed that?

    Thank you for your reply
  3. Check the windows control panel and make sure that the correct output device is selected.

    If so, play back some audio file, and see if the green volume bars move. This would indicate if the OS thinks the sound device is getting the audio signal or not. (At which point, I would start to question the speakers).
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