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Hey guys, I'm thinking of buying a GTX 680 but I'm not sure if my motherboard can support it. I currently have a Gigabyte X58A-UD3R. Would a GTX 680 work on my motherboard?
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  1. Yeah absolutely. That's actually a very full featured MB. It can manage SLI or CrossfireX.
  2. Yes it will work fine. There are four 16x PCIe slots, two of which are running at 16x.
  3. But what's your total system specs and monitor resolution?
  4. I have an i7 930 processor, 6GB of ram, and a 1920x1200 monitor resolution
  5. Cool then, just OC this CPU to 4.0 GHz so you can't be in any bottleneck and grab the GTX 680.
  6. alright. thanks for your help :D
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