Computer shuts down with no warning

I've had a problem with my computer stated in this post:

However, i have another problem

Ok so after a week since the incident, my computer just turned off an randomly and now I can't get to be on for more than 10 minutes. When I try to turn it on after it shuts down, it just turns off before it even loads. Could it be a pwoer supply problem or something?
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  1. Is the CPU Cooler attached properly?
  2. Yes everything's attached properly

    Last week I had low fps on literally everything ( including MS paint and flash games) when i usually get 60 fps on everything. Could this be related to the random shutdowns at all?
  3. What are you temps?
  4. ss202sl said:
    What are you temps?

    around 40-50 degrees when gaming, but i can't even game at all cause it shuts down and the fps is low
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