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This is the build I went with, put the system together and it powers on just fine, but I can't get a display on my Vizio TV. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this problem?
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  1. Test it on a separate monitor/tv. Also, try connecting using different ports (VGA, HDMI, etc.)

    Your link for the system you have does not work. :)
  2. Just fixed the link. As far as other connections, I've been trying HDMI, haven't tried DVI yet so I'll give that a shot as well. Those are the only two options I seem to have though. Only my graphics card has video ports, Motherboard has NO video ports. Gonna try to use an actual monitor later today as well, thanks for the advice. If there's any other suggestions, please let me know
  3. If that doesnt work sounds like video card is dead.
  4. Video card is receiving power though.
  5. Its like having a tv that turns on but without picture. It is still receiving power but not functioning.
  6. Gonna try using a different monitor. Hopefully that works. Hope i don't have to send the graphics card back
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