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I purchased the Radeon HD 5450 on the advice of AMD tech support. (and of course, they're not responding to my requests for help). I purchased this to use in a church computer. I have a desktop monitor to view powerpoint. I have projectors to show songs during service. I have hall monitors I would also like to run the same things being projected in the sanctuary. (projectors). I have a VGA for my desktop monitor. I have HDMI on my hall monitors. (TV's) I have VGA projectors, but purchased and adaptor to use on the DVI. The card has 3 slots. VGA, HDMI and DVI. The projectors and desktop monitor currently work with the old Nvidia card with DVI and VGA. The new one (catalyst) had recognized the HDMI at first, but now won't recognize anything but the desktop monitor. Suggestions?
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  1. Update: I'm obviously a novice at some aspects of the graphics card. I found that I can use all 3 ports. Here's how. DVI monitor in the DVI port. HDMI hall monitors in the HDMI port. Projectors in the VGA port. Still have an issue tho. Using the DVI port with the HDMI port are causing me to only be able to fuse those two. So, if I want to run a slides program to operate from my DVI monitor, the HDMI will only mimic what the DVI is doing. It will only allow me to fuse the two "like" options. VGA will still run independently. I'm guessing the only other option at this point is to switch out my VGA projector connections with DVI. Unless someone has any other options?
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