New Build Not Powering Up

Hello folks, Just assembled a pc and ran into a couple of problems. After connecting all the wires and checking everything i tried running the pc. My mouse and keyboard were connected. When i hit the power button on the CPU the Keyboard lights flash once. The mouse being a optical mouse turns its red light on.
There is no response from the CPU, no PSU fans running, nothing on the motherboard. This is my first build so i might have done something wrong. What should i be checking .
Details of the PC

Gigabyte GA-890GPA Motherboard

Processor Speed X4 965BE / 3.40GHz Cores Quad

Enermax power supply (EG565P-VE)

"OCZ DDR3 PC 8500 2x2GB

Antec 900 II
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  1. at the top of the forum is a thread about how to troubleshoot a build
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