Is the 7950 really worth it over a 7870?

So I am on track to upgrade my GPU. I have posted random things here and there about my situation but here are my feelings:
I currently have a GTX460 MSI cyclone and have determined that it is not in my best interest to waste my time with sli'ed 460's. My next step would have gladly been to the beastly GTX680 (most likely the evga from the reviews and precision x) but as of now, 1. its out of stock within 30min of coming back up 2. still (right now) only sporting the reference cooler design 3. potentially not going to be compatible with my monitors for surround (5760x1080). My next logical step would be move to a HD card. The 7970 is very pricey and the 7950 is relatively up there.

In comes the 7870 who's metrics (benchmarks) are looking pretty good, coming very close to the stock 7950 and even surpassing with a slight oc. So my question is, do you guys think that it would be worth the extra $1xx for a 7950 or is a 7870 right on the money?

current system:
MOBO: GIGABYTE GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 (3.0/xfire/sli ready)
CPU: Intel i5-2500k (4.1ghz)
PSU: OCZ os 650w
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  1. not at all mate :)
  2. No, the 7870 is a much better choice from a performance/price viewing point, and will be a nice upgrade from your 460. Though you might also want to wait for Nvidia's 670 and 670Ti cards, they may be cheaper than the 7950 and more powerfull, considering 7970 vs 680.
  3. I though about waiting for the rest of the Kepler line to surface but I think I would prefer to buy sooner vs later because of the questions with the surround/monitor dependencies. There is virtually no doubt that the Nvidia cards will outperform the Radeon cards with less of a price tag. But I doubt that the Radeon card will change in price any time soon (looking at the way the 6950's price has been shifting throughout the past year)

    So the group consensus is that the 7870 is a better move at this point (which will leave room for a possible crossfire later on) vs a 7950?
  4. Yes. My 7870 usually matches what a 7950 can do.
  5. 7870!
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    I agree on getting the 7870, unless your patient and can wait till other Nvidia cards are released and prices drop in a resonable time. I recently got a 7870 and Im really happy with it.
  7. Do you guys know anything about the XFX version that just got released (today?)

    This question is specifically regarding the additional DVI port (exclusive to the XFX ed.) for the purpose of eyefinity.

    Does anyone know if the hardware is limited such like the 6950 was where you needed to incorporate at least one DP port for eyefinity? **OR** is it like the gtx680 where you can use 2xDVI ports and 1xHDMI for 2d/3d surround.
  8. You still need a DisplayPort to run trifinity.
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