AGP HD3850 on XP SP3 3.2Ghz P4 best/stable driver CCC hotifix version?

Need to know what version to install of ati CCC for an HIS Radeon 512mb HD3850 AGP card on my 32 bit XP SP3 P4 system - Seems like many of the more recent versions are less functional than some previous ones and some are getting BSOD after install - I have no idea which to pick but 12.1 (latest) doesn't seem to be doing the trick. I have already downloaded the following versions


and had one of these previously installed till the net framework update from windows borked everty thing and I had to reinstall - now I don't know which one was previous wrking well. Any popular candidates which are well known to be stable for a system with my specs? or any that I should defintely stay away from? ANY confirmed users with similar specs would be welcomed to know what works for you... I've seen posts that say anything above 10.4 is a step backwards. Anyone can confirm or refute?

Previously I was able to run Catalyst control center fine, but now with 12.1 it won;'t launch though its installed. Just don't know what to roll back to ...
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  1. Supermuncher85 said:

    From original post : "- I have no idea which to pick but 12.1 (latest) doesn't seem to be doing the trick. "

    Translation : Yes. I have.

    Perhaps it was not clear before: The reason for my post above was the fact that 12.1 is not functioning properly for me which is why I am seeking an older driver version which has proven itself stable already on similar systems.
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