Computer wont display and load?

okay so i just bought a brand new motherboard that was factory refurbished.
mobo i just bought is IC780M-A (V2.0/V2.0A)
link to specs

my cpu is supported by my mobo as it is in my supported list.
it is a althon 64x2 dual core 2.8 5200+
i just bought a geforce 550gtx ti graphic card made by MSI that is brand new, so i know this is not the problem. and i am running 2GB ram DDR2, at the moment hoping to get to 16gb with 7, with 520watt PSU
currently got vista 16bit on HD, was hoping to get up and running then install 7

i basicly took my cpu, ram and grfx card that was working perectly in my old mobo which was a GeForce6100SM-M2 (V1.0A)

i upgraded my mobo to get more ram into my computer so i could support windows 7 and more games.

the problem i have now is, i get everything plugged in and it turns on and seems to load fine.
i get no responce from mouse,led light doesnt turn on, and no key board lights are on. also my monitor does not change from all from the black screen that it shows. i know all the parts are good since i used them in previous mobo.

things i have tired without hearing any beeps
for some reason i dont hear any beeps, mabe becuase i dont have onboard audio?

removing everything but cpu and turned on, no beeps nothing
all pluged in nobeeps but starts up fine cant see any thing.
removing cmos batt, and the resetter spliter
installing everything but ram, still no beeps.
installing only cpu and ram and still nothing.
everything is compatible, i have double checked everything before i bought it.

like i said it all ran fine on my old mobo until i installed this one.

all lights on and sounds correct, all fans on
but no led from mouse, no keyboard lights on and no screen, just blackness.
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  1. You wont hear beeps if you don't have a speaker plugged into the mobo, it will not come through your normal speakers.

    Are you saying that you can't even get to bios? Your screen is black, but everything powers up?
  2. screen just stays black. the hard drive and fans and cd rom all start fine like its booting to windows. but, screen is black, no mouse and no key board.
  3. check that your not shorting anything out. as the board was refurbed check that they put in a cmos battery and the cmos jumper in the right spot. if there all there check that your ram is on the mb guild. the last and harest would be to check to see if there are any bent pins on the video card..ram slots or on the cpu or sockett.
  4. okay so, i just hooked up my old mobo and everything works fine, except when i hook up the new grfx card to it. i get same problems as new mobo. is it because they drivers and such is not installed on the hard drive for the grfx card?

    my old mobo i tihnk one of the ram slots is fired, i upgraded from 2x 512 to 2x1 gb and it will only use 1gb on left side.
    when i try both 512 again it syill gives me the 5 beeps. or wheni use both 1gbs i get the 5 beep again.
    so that is also why i am upgradeing

    i currently have old mobo back in computer, i am installing windows 7 64 bit, to get rid of this vista 32 bit,
    and then going to install the video drivers for new grfx card to see if this will fix my problem.
  5. update time

    so i had same issues with my old mobo as my new one
    old one has 1 ram slot fried so i can only run on 1 is why i bought a new one
    i put grfx card on old mobo to find out same problems, no mouse, no KB and no display

    so i installed windows 7 on hard drive and installed all new drivers for my grfx card
    and old mobo works good, but only 1Gb ram,

    so i installed everything the same on new mobo, it fires up hard drive goes on,
    cd drive spins and everything, but same stuff. no mouse, no KB no display

    not sure whats going on. thinking about returning this mobo and buying different one

    only thing i can think of iss...

    my old mobo is 1volt and new is 2volts but i dont tihnk this is a problem.
    and the new mobo supports ram 1066
    while highest old mobo is 800

    my current ram is 800 so it should work in new mobo right?
    its an off brand PNY ddr2 5300
    it is not on the compatible list but still should work right?
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