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In the next few weeks my friend will be building a pc that i looked into the parts for for under $1000 he said he is isnt too fussed by the under $1000 so i gave him the specs of a relitively high end machine nothing too powerful for just above his price range and he said that the price was ok.
He will be doing gaming, game development and 3d modeling on the system so does this system look good enough.

Thermaltake V6 $100

Intel Core i5-3570k $240

Asus P8Z77-V $215

Inno3d GTX550 ti 1gb $125

Western Digital blue caviar $79

G.Skill Ares f3-1600 8gb (2x4gb) DDR3 $65

Antec High Current Game 750w HCG-750 modular psu $135

Samsung sata DvDRW disk drive $22

Win 7 home premium 64bit $99


If i have missed anything please tell me XD

Please post if you have some systems similar that do the same job as well or better :)

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  1. What country are you in? and where are you buying? Those prices are awfully high. For example I am seeing the thermaltake V6 for $60. I'd expect the memory to be closer to 40.

    The PSU is also way way more power then needed. a 500W would be plenty for that system and its overpriced.

    The 550Ti is pretty lowend for gaming. need to review some of these prices and redirect the money to the GPU
  2. Those are Australian prices, I can tell because I stare at them each day and curse Newegg for not shipping here.

    Why get a V6? you can get a Coolermaster 212 EVO for $40. High end CPU coolers dont belong in budget-mid range builds.

    With the money you save on the Cooler, get yourself a good hard drive like this one.

    Why the top of the line motherboard? Get yourself an AsRock Z77 Extreme4 and save yourself ~$50 or use the cash and go up to the barely respectable GTX 560.

    If he's doing 3D modelling and other such activities on this computer, youl need 16Gb of RAM. But that is a bit out of budget so 12Gb will have to do. Get another stick of that RAM.

    Budget wont fit an i7 3770k unless you drop the GPU, so leave the CPU as it is unless you want to go to such extremes.
  3. kk ill take those into account but the v6 isnt the cooler the v6 is the case ill be changing the case to a lower end antec one and hopefully it will give me some some extra cash to play with and if u recon a 550 ti is low end for gaming my gaming rig has a gt430 in it at the moment :P May even give me enough money to downground the storage harddisk and get an ssd
  4. The new redone version

    Antec VSK-1000 $55

    Intel Core i5-3570k $240

    Asrock Z77 extreme4 $140

    gigabyte gtx 560 1gb overclocked $175

    Western Digital blue caviar $79

    G.Skill ripjaws f3-12800CL9T-12GBRL 3x4gb DDR3 $95

    Antec VP650P 650w psu $85

    Samsung sata DvDRW disk drive $22

    Win 7 home premium 64bit $99

    ASUS VH197T 19inch led $99

    Gigabyte GK-KM6000 Keyboard and mouse set $19


    This is all together including everything he needs this i have ran past him and he said this is exactly what hes looking for he doesnt want an aftermarket cooler just yet but he will purchase one later when it is possible
  5. Is the new specs better cause my friend is thinking of buying it this week XD
  6. For around the same price, get the 6870. It is slightly better.

    Also, your board is meant to run dual channel ram. 3 sticks is tri-channel. Get 2x4gb.
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