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what is core
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  1. Can you be more specific?
  2. A core refers to the processor, which is a piece of hardware inside your computer. The core is basically a part of the processors architecture that will execute instructions sent to it. Most new computers have multiple core processors which is basically two processors cores or more on a single die to improve efficiency.
  3. Core, the central part of a galaxy, see Mass deficit
    Core (group), in mathematics, an object in group theory
    Core (functional analysis), in mathematics, a subset of the domain of a closable operator
    Core (graph theory), in mathematics, the homomorphically minimal subgraph of a graph
    Core of a triangulated category in mathematics
    Core (game theory), the collection of stable allocations that no coalition can improve upon
    Planetary core, the center of a planet Inner core of the Earth
    Outer core of the Earth

    Solar core, the region of the Sun where nuclear fusion takes place
    Lithic core, in archaeology, a stone artifact left over from toolmaking
    Core curriculum, in education, an essential part of the curriculum
    Core sample, in Earth science, a sample obtained by coring
    Core countries, in dependency theory, an industrialized country on which peripheral countries depend
    Core (anatomy), everything except the appendages
    Hydrophobic core, the interior zone of a protein
    Nuclear reactor core, portion of a nuclear reactor containing the nuclear fuel components

    Think that should just about answer your question :)
  4. You missed apple core
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