Oh God Please Help me!

Hey, my Husband I are creating a webseries, It's a Let's Play Webseries for a Video Game Channel on YT! I had a bet with my Husband Travis, That i could make a computer by myself (Well i consider this kinda by myself) So i have this really ancient computer I got from my Father's Attic! I need it to be able to record easily without lagging and all of that in the games we play like Diablo III, TC2 Beta, WoW, and Amnesia. Also i need to have this computer actually be able to run the games listed above! Um these are all the computer terms i know soooo....

I would prefer to have this done in the next week thats when we want our first video kicked out!
The hardrive is 500g i believe
The Graphics card is a Radeon X1300/X1500 Series (I had to google how to find that out :/)
The Processor is a AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3500+
With 2.0 G of Ram
We live in a U.S. Texas
I dont have any preferred Websites for parts like i said this is all new to me!!!

That's all i know of computery stuff. Also, i would love if this was all very cost affordable so it looks as if i didnt just go out and buy a new computer and instead it looks like i actually refurbished a computer all by myself so i can rub it in his face. Please let me know!
I know its mainly going to be a new processor and a new graphics card i think... at least.
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  1. Im sure you can build a computer yourself , but the old comp is never going to be able to play recent games . The technology has changed a LOT and you simply dont have the grunt to get the job done with that hardware .
  2. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/9jVr

    $550 after MIR assuming you can re-use your OS, hdd and optical drive.

    If you can re-use your case and psu as well, it would be cheaper.

    Is your current PC a home build? or something along the lines of a Dell/HP? If so, what model/make?
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