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Hey all, looking to upgrade monitor from a 22" VGA Samsung SyncMaster as it has on screen interference in certain situations (really annoying light/dark horizontal lines)

Generally sticking to 22"-24" range and looking for 1920x1080 resolution (currently on 1680x1020)

Im pretty sure i want HDMI but i have read so much rubbish about HDMI v DVI v VGA that i simply gave up. Same with 2ms to 5ms response times and 60/120mhz refresh, can you really tell the difference?

Primary purpose is gaming and would like to spend somewhere between £100 and £150, will go over if its really really necessary....
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  1. I have gone through similar problems an currently have 3 23'' aoc (1080p) monitors and Love them ,they run 149 @ newegg and 159@bestbuy but with tax and shipping they both come to 170 pretty much.Check em out
  2. Samsung makes the best monitors, you'll be hard pressed to find anything better than a SyncMaster in your price range. If there are existing problems with your display I recommend calling their support line and if necessary getting a replacement or repair under warranty.

    If you're willing to spend a bit more, Samsung has some very nice 27 inch LED monitors which are typically around $350 CAD (should be around 200-249 pounds)

    I highly recommend spending the extra cash because the flatpanel market is very mature right now. Nothing is going to be changing in the near future and as such, monitors are probably the most future proof investment you can make at the moment.
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