Dark Souls PC version + Razer Lachesis mouse = Stuttering??

I bought Dark Souls: Prepare to Die edition on PC not too long ago and when i ran it, it used to have this weird stuttering very 3-4secs. It would run fine for about 3-4 secs, then freeze for 1 sec then runs fine for another 3-4 secs and repeats.

I got really frustrated with the game as i paid good money for it and i knew well beforehand that the game wasn't ported very well but i never knew that it would stutter this badly.

I later found out that if i disconnected my Razer Lachesis gaming mouse from my computer the stuttering stops. So for some weird reason the mouse was causing the stuttering. Can anyone relate to this or help me out? I can leave it unplugged and play with my gamepad but when i task switch to my browser to google stuff to help me with the game i have no mouse control. Please help :)
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  1. You sure it isn't your computer, what are your specs?
  2. It may be a driver issue more than anything IMO.
  3. Oh thx guys for the fast reply :)


    My Specs are:
    CPU: Intel Core i7 860
    GPU: Nvidia GTX 560 (NOT Ti version)
    Mobo: Gigabyte P55A-UD5
    OS: Windows 7 Pro 64-bit

    Yea I've got a strong feeling about that too cause ever since i got the mouse, now when i play BF3 online whenever i get killed by someone my screen goes black for like 1 second and overall i get the weird stuttering too but less frequently. Seems to happen with my standard Dell mouse too so maybe a nvidia driver issue (upgraded my card recently too from a HD 5770)?

    I read on the BF3 forums that some guy had a similar issue and said to remove all razer drivers and use the windows default one but even after i remove the razer drivers via Programs and Features>Uninstall and then Device Manager>Uninstall Driver for the mouse when i unplug it and replug it in it just re-installs the same drivers (so like i no longer get the window where windows 7 tells me its trying to find drivers for it online) and calls it a "HID compliant device" instead of like a "USB mouse" or whatever.

    So in summary for BF3 both the razer and dell mice (or mouses?) will have stuttering and the black screen of death (lol) so maybe an nvidia driver issue?

    and for Dark Souls (the main issue) only the razer mouse causes stuttering when plugged in, i can unplug it mid-game and it stops immediately and when I plug it goes back to stuttering so probably an issue with the razer drivers?
  4. Hmm...that's definitely something I haven't heard of before in BF3... You will most likely want to do some looking around for that :( Unfortunately, I don't know what to do at the moment to help with that issue.

    As for Razer drivers, yes, they do cause some weird bugs in the OS. I personally use a Black Widow Ultimate and I constantly got the Orange Screen of Death ( :lol: ) when I used its drivers since the drivers somehow conflicted with my AMD Catalyst Drivers.
  5. Well I was able to fix the BF3 "black screen after" thing, apparently all i had to do was lower the Anisotropic Filtering and it fixed it. YAY!

    But as for the razer drivers, i downloaded the older version 1.1 (rolling back from version 3.0)driver because it is supposedly Windows 7 compatible but Dark Souls still stutters :(

    Since you're having problems with your razer product as well, it must be that the razer drivers are not yet compatible with Windows 7 (assuming you are running Windows 7). Guess I'll just wait around for them to release a newer version of the drivers and i just stick to having two mice plugged in.

    Thanks guys for your help :D
  6. I was having this issue a couple weeks ago. What worked for me was unplugging my mouse, going to Device Manager and deleting it, and then plugging in the USB again so that my system did a fresh download of the drivers. Fixed it right away for me.
  7. Thanks for the response NikkyB but when I unplug my mouse it dissappears from the list in Device Manager under the "Mice and other pointing devices" so I can't exactly delete it from there unless it is still plugged in but then when i go "Scan for hardware changes" or replug it in, it just reinstalls the same drivers and windows update doesn't download any new ones. :(

    Can you please give me more detail instructions on how you solved it for your mouse?
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