First Boot...Nothing's happening.

Hey guys. I recently decided to make the jump from consoles to a dedicated gaming PC. I spent a few weeks researching parts, and put the order in last week, The parts finally arrived today. I tried to hide my excitement as I signed the delivery mans little PDA thing, and as soon as I closed the door, went into a frenzy mode. In a matter of minutes, I had everything all piled up and ready to go. I sat down to start installing everything, and in about an hour I was finished. I put the final touches on hiding my cabling, and pressed the power button.

And nothing happened.

Well, not nothing. Everything seemed to be getting power - the case fans were spinning, the GPU was running, and the H100 was all lit up. Even the two little thermal armour fans for the mobo were going well. For some reason though, all I was getting on the monitor was a black screen.

I ended up just taking everything out and trying to boot with only essential components on the bench. I'm still getting the plain black screen whenever I try to boot. I know you guys are far better at this stuff than me, so hopefully you can help me.

Here are my components:

Intel Core i7 3770k
Asus Sabertooth Z77
Gigabyte 2GB Radeon HD7870 OC
Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR3 RAM

I've made sure the PSU connectors are all firmly secured, and there doesn't seem to be any bent pins on the CPU. I think the problem is with the motherboard, but I'm still fairly new to the world of PC parts. There is a little light on the motherboard labelled '+SB_PWR' (which apparently stands for standby power), that is always lit whenever I turn the power on. The manual doesn't say much of what that's for, but I'm assuming it indicated when the mobo is running in standby mode. Does this mean the mobo isn't getting enough power or something?

I'm literally at a loss as to what's wrong. Please help me so I can start playing Diablo III. I will love you forever if you do.
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  1. That is why u make a dry run outside of the PC, with only CPU+FAN + RAM and PSU with connection to the LCD to see if it starts the BIOS.

    All that installed to your mobo that is sitting just on the paper box it came in.

    Before u do all that work installing in the case and the cable hiding : )

    OK, Did u plug in the 8pin cable?
  2. What is the PSU Macka7?
  3. Unplug all electrical connections and plug them back again.
  4. I've plugged in both the 8-pin, and 24-pin power connector.

    The PSU is a Corsair AX750 Gold.

    I removed everything and started again. Now I'm getting NO power to the GPU or thermal armour fans on the mobo. The power button on the case has no light to the led anymore, and the only sign of life at all is that the SB_PWR light on the mobo is still a solid green whenever I turn on the power.

    Very frustrating.
  5. Extremly similar thing happening to me. See my thread:
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