How to make a same resolution on two monitor that is connected to a on

Hi There,

I am using Asus computer with 2GB of Graphic adapter form NVIDIA. I attached two monitor to my PC. The thing is i formatted my computer now on my primary monitor the video is good. But on the secondary monitor the video is blur. I want to have the same video on the secondary monitor as well. Please help me to set that up please. I appreciate you quick reply.

Thank you in advance....

My PC Configuration


Processor : Intel Core I7
RAM : 20GB
Video Adapter : 2GB
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  1. OS? windows 7? Linux? XP?
  2. WIN 7
  3. You know what?

    I fixed it.... The thing is the native resolution for the secondary monitor is set as wrong. I Changed those resolution and now it is fine........

    Thanks dude.... See you after....
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