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I'm looking to replace our basic home computer, which is a 4-year-old home-built LGA-775 Core 2 Duo on a low-end motherboard with GMA-3100 "graphics" running on Linux. This is basically an internet appliance. My main question is how much graphics capability one should have. I am thinking of using an InWin BK623 small-form-factor microATX case again, and want to minimize heat. I think that a Core i3 Sandy Bridge would be plenty of CPU. Would there be an advantage to the i3-2105 (3.1 GHz and HD 3000 graphics) over the i3-2120 (3.3 GHz and HD 2000 graphics)? I don't anticipate gaming with it, but would like to "future-proof" a little.
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  1. For just fooling around on the internet you really don't need anything more than the integrated graphics. For a cheap low heat, low cost build I would go with a mico atx case, micro atx motherboard and an I3 processor.
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    Well better graphics never hurt anyone. They would both work fine, but of course the HD 3000 graphics is a tad faster. For internet though, it doesn't matter too much. Personally, If I wasn't going to get a discrete graphics, I would go with the -2105. Both CPU's are more than enough for a basic computer and I like having better graphics for everything from hardware accelerated Adobe Flash to accelerated Firefox.
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