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Hello Tom's forums first time poster and need some adivce on a psu. This is a gaming machine.

i am considering this psu from reviews but would like more advice.

also any general ideas input on this build would be appreciated. Im not overly woried about saving a few dollars here and there i just want to make sure this machine is solid.

Also if im missing anything cables ect that might be needed pls feel free to help me out thank you.
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  1. Doh i forgot to add my budget was 2200 so im under it and can tweak a few things if needed.
  2. Ditch that Cooler Master unit. It's not good quality.
    Consider this Seasonic 1000W instead. It's got more than enough power for all your needs.
    SeaSonic Platinum-1000 1000W ATX12V / EPS12V 80 PLUS PLATINUM Certified Full Modular Power Supply
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  4. No way you will need 1000W on that build. The most I could see that build needing is 800W if you had dual graphics and a ton of periphery items (HDD's, fans, optical drives, etc). This is a good 80+ silver modular supply (they dont have 800W ones so its 850W)

    This 670 Card has better cooling than your the reference design one you posted.
    All you'd have to do is overclock it manually to this one settings and possibly higher.

    Why an i5 2500k? Get the newer i5 3570k, supports PCI 3, 10% (in theory) better performance clock for clock, better integrated graphics and is perfect for the Z77 platform.

    The mobo you picked has one less fan connector than you need. It has 1 CPU fan header and 5 chassis headers. HAF-X with the extra fan your putting in will use up the 5 chassis and your dual fan CPU cooler will only have one CPU header to connect to. You wont be able to put another fan on it unless you molex it or another fan.

    Your RAM is 1333Mhz, standard is 1600Mhz. These will do fine and according to user reviews, will fit under the CPU heatsink.

    Wheres the Hard Drive? A 240Gb SSD wont go far.

    Rest of it I see no problem with.

    Cables wise, your gonna need 3 SATA cables for the HDD, SSD and Optical Drive.
    Power cables and all that should come with the PSU.
    All the other Misc cables (power button, reset, Front I/O panel) should come with the case.
    Maybe some adaptors to change some 3pin to 4pin fan connectors (or other way round).
  5. Thank you for the comments so far. I do see 2 fans on the vid card you posted vs the one i linked. I was looking at the 4gb on the card more than cooling.

    will check that processor i had read alot of good reviews about the 2500k, not so much on the one you listed.

    Im replacing the stock case fans with the ones i listed. I was not actually adding any to the case.

    Ill compare the ram i picked the 1333 because of the CL7 rating was actually faster than alot of the 1600 chips i found CL9's ect.

    I wont need the HDD i barely break 100 gb of storage. Its a system i drop the OS on then a game. when im not playing i just do web browsing ect. i dont really store anything. My current system literally has 400++ gigs free off a 500gb drive. Installed WoW and Rift.

    I will check these out thanks again. Keep the help coming guys :bounce:
  6. Ok i see where that cpu mentioned is a better way to go. I still cant find enough info to show whether or not 2gb vs 4gb vram is worth it go for the higher cooling.

    any more info on that issue?

    still comparing the ram sticks.
  7. Unless you have 3 or more monitors (1920x1080) in an Eyefinity like setup, you wont need more than 2Gb on the Graphics card.
    Better cooling allows higher overclocks on the card, so more performance.

    for the RAM, I suggest the 1600Mhz regardless of timings. 1600Mhz is the in between of less performance (1333Mhz) and waning performance to cost (1866mhz or higher). You can get 1600Mhz ram with a lower latency though, like this set.

    Heres a general performance review of different amounts and speed of RAM.
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