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Is a GTX260 unit worth considering? I cant find many models just wondered if anyone knew what the craic was?

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  1. the gtx 260 (216) WAS a great card. the 192 isn't bad either.
    if you get it CHEAP and don't mind the lack of directX11 . .or as a physX card.

    what power supply do you have?
  2. +1 its an old card that was good in its day but is now beaten by fairly low end cards. If its alot cheaper than a Radeon 5770/6770 and a 6770 is ovewr you budget you could consider it other wise forget it. How much can you get it for?
  3. In its day a GTX 260-216 was in the same league as a Radeon 4870. It maxed at about 178W power.
    I still have one, mothballed
  4. The card is still good and will still play games at med-high settings at medium resolutions, both the 216 core and the original 260. If you find it for less than 90-80$, buy it. Otherwise, there is an XFX 6770 on newegg for 110$.
  5. i see them on craig's list for $50 and think thats more appropriate. but thats my opinion.
  6. with watercooling block for £ 50 or 2 air cooled for £44

    whatd u rekon?
  7. corsair 620w psu btw . running with a 2500k watercooled. sorry forgot to post that!
  8. You could think about going with a GTX 460 they are going for less than $150.00 on newegg and they blow the 260's away.
  9. Yeah the GTX 260 was nice (I had the standard core one) but looking at it now its kindof a dead end. Too much hassle to SLI and too old to buy for actual $$.
  10. AlexJamesNewbie said:
    with watercooling block for £ 50 or 2 air cooled for £44

    whatd u rekon?

    seeing that they can run up 180 watts, running sli isn't a good idea for your system. but the two air cooled are cheaper.

    really i don't think you'll find a 6770 or better or gtx 460 or better for the same price; esp if you sell the other 260 that you don't need.

    the biggest draw back is its an old card and cannot support directX11. but at £44 and sell the other for £24; it might be a good deal IF i mean IF its a good upgrade from what you have now.
  11. hahaha. i just ruined my gtx 560 and am now running onboard so yea i tihk there better. thanks for your help
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