After i changed the bios priority sequence it turns up into a black screen


This was my problem when I start up my computer in morning, at first I was getting an black screen after bios boot up NTLDR was not found press ctrl + alt + delete to restart. Then, I tried to change the bios boot priority sequence from HD - CDROM to CDROM - HD but not much sure about that, and then when the computer restarts, nothing comes up, even a beep, cursor, and even in the monitor with a blinking red light under on it, but the CPU runs normally, the fans are running, and the lights are ok.

Thankyou very much and I will appreciate all your help..
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  1. It sounds like your drive's boot sector has a problem.

    Try resetting your BIOS, (Remove power and the battery for a few minutes if you can't find the reset button/jumper) then insert your OS disk and try rebooting.

    You may have to reinstall your OS.
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