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I'm planning to build a new PC, and don't know what graphic card i should take.
I'll take i7-3770k with compatible motherboard (PCIe 3.0 etc.)

But for graphic card.

For i have no pricelimit

Should I take GTX 680 (Perhaps EVGA Classified ultra, if and when it comes out)
Or should i wait for GK-110..
Or perhaps GTX690
What will the GTX690 be? 2xGK-110?

And i'm most likely to get SLI..
So wiill a dual gpu card work in SLI, and will the scaling be worth it..?
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  1. Even I don't know about GK110 Myself, but I think it's the new generation kepler, which may compete with AMD Sea Islands (Correct me if I am wrong).

    I think the best for you is GTX 680, and SLI it. Dual GPU's are not worth to SLI and scaling is very bad.
  2. 3770 and 680 looks solid, sweet spot for 1080p gaming
  3. a sinlge 680 is enough to max out any game at 1080p and even higher.680 isn't necessary unless you want absolute domination.dual gpus are always pain in the but,more power consumption,more heat and many other it's better to go with a single powerful gpu.wait for msi twinfrozer iii 680,they have great cooling and a lot of overclocking potential.
  4. I'm probably going for EVGA Classified Ultra edition.. (If they are going to make such ones.. Or if it is called that way) With 4GB and some standard overclocking.. I want to dominate ever game in the future.. planning on playing GuildWars 2 on maximum possible settings.. But i'll buy 1 first, then 2nd after i got the money.. I'm buying 1050W PSU and CPU is with Corsair H100.. and im focussing most fans on the GPU's.. So what problem besides Power Usage and Heat do i have?
  5. first thing,no body knows future,second,EVGA coolers aren't that great.4gb is unnecessary for 1080p.2gb is more than enough.for better performance,wait for MSi twinfrozer III edition.they are best are going to make a huge mistake by spending so much on a H100(fake watercooling LOL) and 1050w won't use anything above 850w even with gtx 680 SLi.remember,bigger isn't better always!
    i hope you got my point.
  6. You should be able to Dominate! oops. With a gtx 680.
  7. Hmmm. But i'm most likely going to buy 3 screens, for 5760x1080 so i would like some more virtual memory on GPU, and the reason i get 1050W PSU is because i want to keep the PSU for the next couple of years, even if I get new GPU's or perhaps make it a 3-way SLI..
    Will there be any better cooled 4GB GTX 680, or would you recommend waiting for the new keplers?
  8. hey,nothing is future proof!gpu tech changes so rapidly that you can't keep up.for eyefinity,i am partial to amd,7970 CF runs eyefinity quiet well.3gb vram is more than enough for 5760x1080p setup.3-way sli/cf isn't worth it,high power consumtion,noise,heat and low performance.don't think that 2 cards=2x of the single and 3 cards=3x of the single gpu.
  9. If such a is beast available 4gb 690 go for that but I think you may have to wait a while. Finding a gtx680 could be a challenge right now. Remember they underclock dual gpu cards so your probably going to get better performance with 2 gtx680s, although the extra 2 gigs may make up for that but I doubt it.
  10. In my opinion having GTX 690 (If it's really going to be available), it's going to be overkill. And Quad SLI will be more Overkill.
  11. 690 SLi=simply wastage for a single monitor
  12. It's probably going to be GTX 680 SLI after all.. Still have to wait for i7 3770K, so i'll just wait for some new GTX 680 editions..
  13. good luck!
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    make sure that you have space between your cards otherwise you will face heat issues.
  15. Will do !!
    trying to save as much space as possible between the 2 cards (with still 2x PCIe 3.0, and not taking last slot with PCIe x8 or something).. :)
    thnx for the advice
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