Pc problem !!

hi all,

right so i have made a thread about this problem before a couple of weeks back but it seems to be pretty dead now ..
anyway on to the problem which is drivng me up the wall .
so i upgraded my pc in august this year , i added another HD6870 , an i5 3450 and a gigabyte p67-ud3-b3
it seems to have 'mood swings' as i like to call them as sometimes it doesnt and sometimes i doesnt,
when it doesnt work i turn it on it turns on then the cpu fan spins up like nobody's business and then it just stays on with no video output ,
i have tried everything from taking the pc apart bit by bit to elimanate possible faulty items to sending away the motherboard ...

please anyone that could help me it would be much obliged

Thanks :)
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  1. What happens when you try to run the computer without any video cards installed?
  2. exactly the same thing ... i took out each part of my pc till only left with cpu and motherboard

    ps. i turned it off and on everytime i removed something for process of elimination
  3. Do you have the computer connected to a surge suppressor or uninterupted power supply, and also what is the voltage at the wall outlet?
  4. well that is one of the things i was suspecting as i have my pc going through an extension cable and my psu is rated at 240v and the wall is 230v :/
  5. Voltage is alright as long as it doesn't fluctuate 5%. How long is the extension cable?
  6. If the PC wasn't plugged into a surge supressor the motherboard is probably blown.
  7. mine does similar, sometimes turning on, but not actually starting to boot, holding down the power button allows it to start the next time round. I'm putting it down to a memory incompatability, hoping a bios update will resolve, it hasn't so far. when it does start it complains about a failed OC (added more volts no effect). I'm just living with it, it worse when not used for a few days.

    the 230-240V issue is not an issue.
  8. the extension cable is about 1 meter long , and no the motherboard got tested by gigabyte about 2 weeks ago, and 13thmonkey when i hold down the power button it just turns off about 5 seconds later .
    thanks for the help so far :)
  9. Are you running two HD 6870s ? You said in your first post that you added another 6870 if you are running two, you power supply might not be up to the task. Make and model of power supply please.
  10. yes i am running two .... be quiet dark power pro p7 1000w modular
  11. The only thing else I can think of to check is memory speed and timings.
  12. The same thing happens to his computer when he has no video cards installed. That points away from the PSU.

    - Edit - Take the battery out for 30 min and put it back in. Also, push the RAM in hard.
  13. is it possible that it is my cpu ? :( ... and i will give the battery a go
  14. Try a different CPU that fits the slot if you can get your hands on one.

    Good CPUs very rarely go bad, though.
  15. as much as i would love to get another cpu and use it but unfortunatly i have now where to get one ... but i am planning on taking my cpu to a nearby pc shop so they can test it and taking my psu to the IT technitions at my college so hopefully soon i will have an answer ... fingers crossed
  16. Let me know how it turns out.
  17. right so the news is NOT good at all i got the power supply tested today it appears that one of rails or capacitors is blown :( sad times :( ... has anyone got an idea if this is fixable or do i just need to get a new power supply??
  18. When PSUs go bad its pretty much never suggested that anyone try to have them repaired.

    I would suggest replacing it as would anyone else here.

    For 2x mid range video cards I would suggest something about 650w, like the XFX Pro 650w Core in my signature.

    If that is not available where you live, go on newegg.com, into the power supply section, choose 600 - 700 watts, and then note down all the PSUs that have awards listed from Hardware Secrets or Johnny Guru. Use that as your shopping list when you are checking what is available.
  19. i just opened another thread which is dedicated to picking my new psu
    Thank for all the help guys especially raidinn :)
  20. Just do what I suggested in the immediately above post and you will be fine.
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