My router does not like to be port forward

hello i have verison fios westell A90-9100em15-10. i do not why it does not like to be port forward. i am also not hook up by a lan cable im hooked up wireless
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  1. did you assign a static IP to the computer you want to port-forward to?
  2. no i do not. i also dont know how to set up a static ip or find it
  3. what OS are you using?
  4. windows 7 home premium 64-bit
  5. go to your Network and Connection Sharing

    click on 'Local Area Connection'

    click on the 'Detail' button and write down the IP, Gateway, and DNS enteries. Close the window.

    click on the button 'Properties'

    find 'Internet Protocol Version 4' and click on the 'Properties' button

    use the IP info from the Detail's windows and enter it as Static IP info. Have the IP ending in 250.

    once done change your IP forwarding to IP ending in 250
  6. k i have done that what do i do next
  7. can you connect to the internet?

    did you change the port-forwarding in the router?

    which ports are you trying to forward?
  8. what i am tring to do is make a minecraft server so that my friends and i can play on
    i did not change the port forward in the router
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