Ivy Bridge Gaming Rig - Need Double Check

OK I have done all my research. Looked at all my options. And I have made all of my choices. I just need a look from some other sets of eyes to make sure it is all compatible. So without further ado....

CASE - Blackhawk Ultra

MB - ASRock Z77 Extreme9

CPU - i7 3770K

RAM - G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series <X2>

Video Card - GeForce GTX 680 Superclocked <X2>

Optical - ASUS 24X DVD Burner

CPU Cooler - COOLER MASTER Hyper 212

Monitor - ASUS VW246H <X2> <Already have 1 so total of 3>

SSD - Crucial M4 256 GB

HD - Western Digital Caviar Black

PSU - KINGWIN LZP-1000 1000W

Keyboard - Microsoft SIDEWINDER X4

Headset - Logitech G930
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  1. 1: blackhawk ultra is overkill for your build. get something smaller such as a corsair 650d or 800d
    2: get some low profile ram such as crosair low profiles. they will fit better under heatsinks
    3: get the asus directcu2 680s. they are much much better than the ega ones.
    4: with this kind of budget, go get a thermalright silver arrow or a noctua nh-d14. if not, get a h100 rom corsair
    5: get a faster ssd such as the intel ones or the mushkin chronos deluxe. they are pretty reliable
    6: for 2 way sli, 750w is more than enough. get a hx750w from corsair or a xfx XXX edition 750w. they are both made by seasonic=the best.
    7: why the heck did you get the sata 3 black drive. the seagate barracuda 1tb with 64mb of cache is faster than the sata6 black drive if not the same
  2. if your not stuckon budget i would probably change the cpu cooler to this

    its not that much dearer and if you read this review
    its meant to be very quiet with great cooling
  3. First off, this looks like a gaming rig and for gaming, an i5 3570k will be just as good as the i7. As for the CPU cooler, you can step it up at this budget even if you aren't heavily OCing. Something like the CM Hyper 212 EVO or even the V8 will work better.
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