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I want to overclock my Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 however I have a premade HP Desktop and the bios has no options for me to overclock the CPU. I have heard it is impossible to overclock with premade computers but I was hoping that there might be way. My motherboard model is 0A58h (XU1 PROCESSOR), I have 5gb of RAM (2x2GB and 2x512MB), and my CPU currently runs at 1.86GHz with a 2MB cache, I need to get it to put at at least 2.4GHz, more would be great, any suggestions?
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    Unfortunately, no, you can't overclock with OEM machines. There isn't really any 'trick' to overclock as well, the chipset they use doesn't support overclocking so OCing with any software is out of the question.
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