4870x2 problem

i ran a benchmark (futuremark) and the results said my clocks were running at default settings 505 and 507mghz...when i have overdrive set to 750 and 900mghz.is this normal for a benchmark or is my card not workin properly?
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  1. A benchmark software like futuremark will stress the gpu to get the best results under all conditions. If it's telling you those settings then there could be something wrong somewhere , maybe with a setting in futuremark or in the driver software or it could be that it doesn't recognize the overdrive settings. DO you have the latest version of futuremark?
  2. I have the latest futuremark and video drivers installed.I dont understand this Radeon card at all
  3. Maybe ill try to sell this card and get a nvidia
  4. I would try a gpu monitoring software to tell you what the correct speed that the gpu is actually at. I have Evga video cards and they come with Evga Precision software and it tells me the gpu speeds and temps at all times. I don't know if AMD/Ati has anything similar or if you have to get something like MSI'S Afterburner.
    I'm also unsure how the overdrive option works on the card. I do know that most cards will downclock when they are in idle mode.
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