Continous beeping and no display

Hi guys! I've read so much good on here that i thought i'd give you a shot on my current problem!

I got some components from a friend who didn't need them, a Gigabyte GA-P55-UD4, an Intel I7 760 and 8 gb RAM.

I put this together with my 450 (with a peak of 500W)W PSU, it was a longshot, cause the motherboard need a 8pin power cable from the PSU, and i tried with just a 4pin - i heard a continous long beep and there was no display.

So, i figured, why not buy some adapters (which the transport-fee were higher than what i paid for the cables, silly...)

The adapter adapted P4(i think it name is, the usual kind you put into DVD-players and older harddrives) into 8pin motherboard CPU slot.

This worked fine for about three hours, i installed Windows, some applications and suddenly it died. And when i tried to start it up the same beeping begun which i was struggling with from the very beginning.

I need your help Hardwarers!

This is my first thread, i'm sorry if i put it in the wrong category or anything. I've searched the Internet for a similar thread but i could not find one.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. A 450W (500W peak) should power that combination with no overclock or hardcore graphics card. Using the Molex adapter to go to 8pin +12v was probably meant for a video card than the CPU power but should not have had any long term effects if the system still starts up, go back to the P4 connector for the time being.
    A continuous beeping and no display coming from the motherboard usually indicates missing/mis-seated/bad RAM, make sure the computer is off (if your power supply has an O/I switch turn it to the off position but leave it plugged in, otherwise unplug it) and remove the memory modules then insert them one-at-a-time and starting the computer each time before adding more, if you get no video with one module, try a different module until you have gone through each module, if none of the modules give you video then they are either all bad or there is a problem with the motherboard.
    This should get you started in determining the problem, post back with your findings and we will go from there.
  2. Thanks for the response!

    O.K, i changed the RAM-sticks and now it starts up without beeps, but now it turns off instead...sometimes it gets to the windows loading screen, and sometimes it turns itself off right upon startup.

    What is this? :(

    Could it be a BIOS setting or might it be the PSU not working properly?

    Well, at least there is no beeping anymore. Small steps forward!
  3. Can you access the BIOS without problem, or does it shutdown the same as always there too?
    Disconnect all the components you can from the power supply and motherboard (CD-ROM drive, case fan, non-boot hard drives, etc) this should help narrow the problem.
    Do you have another computer that you can put parts into to help diagnose or know a friend who does? If so, try your power supply in their computer or vise-verse,
  4. It may be the PSU; random rebooting or shutoffs tend to indicate overheating, or PSU problems... I doubt it's a BIOS setting, but you could reset it by removing the CMOS battery just to be safe; that will reset the settings to their defaults.
  5. I agree, I suspect bad PSU but could also be CPU overheating, which some BIOS allow you to check temps, which the Gigabyte brand should. if you see temps that just go up and up then a reboot it is definitely overheating and you need to check your cooler and thermal paste.
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