Device driver mscd001 not found dell 745 optiplex

I bought a used Dell 745 Optiplex for my 13 year old son for school. The 160 gb hd is wiped clean and has 2gb Ram. When it arrived I couldn't get it to work. The screen was blank and all I got were 2 beeps. I checked Ram and internal battery but all was ok. I removed the Nvidia Quadro FX card and bingo I got a screen. The problem now is when I insert a OS disc I get a message that "no device driver MSCD001 found". I have been searching for hours with no solution. I dl'd a Dell Recovery CD but still cannot read. Can you direct me how to fix this so I can help my son enjoy his PC? Thanks in advance.

Vince :heink:
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  1. I think that your CD drive driver is gone, you can try using a external CD drive or one from another computer.
  2. Hi

    What operating system disk are you using ?

    The error message looks like one from the MSDOS cd rom driver
    Googling suggests similar errors with Windows 98

    I would expect a Dell Optiplex 745 to run Windows XP
    A Dell XP recovery CD would have no problem installing

    What does the Windows COA sticker on the PC say the OS is ?

    Also there are two VGA outputs one on the Nvidia Quadro FX and another on the motherboard which has an Intel Integrated Graphics chip
    Which one is used on startup is usually a BIOS option.

    You can leave the Nvidia Quadro FX card out until Windows is installed

    If you want to install Vista or 7 you need to find out if a Sound chipset driver is available from Dell for this model


    Mike Barnes
  3. Hi Mike,

    COA sticker says XP and also gives a product key. As I mentioned any CD I insert says, 'device driver MSCD001 not found'. How do I get it to at least see a disc i.e. Dell Recovery Disk which I downloaded? I don't have a XP recovery disc. Any suggestions where I can dl one if that will do the trick?

    Thanks again.

  4. I ran into that problem with a stock OEM Dell disc. My problem was that there was not a native xp driver for the upgraded DVD burner.

    Does it happen to have a DVD recorder in it?
  5. Hi, Get yourself a proper OEM DELL CD install disk for XP, and it will just work. no mucking around with good old .sys and MSCDEX... those days are lone gone unless things go really wrong, and have to do file by file recovery !
  6. The solution was to remove the Graphics card and all ran perfect.
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