[AMD Radeon] Sapphire HD6790 Fan Control Problem

Hi guys, this is my first post here in this forum. I'm looking forward for new things that I will know about computer hardware and latest trends in I.T. :) I'm not a native english speaker so please bare with my grammars and future delays in replying here in this post.

Anyway, I just want to ask about my problem regarding to PWM Fan of my HD6790 card. It seems that it's fan doesn't respond to any manual changes made to fan speed. It stays around 980rpm (20%) even it is under full load in Furmark and so as expected, the card's temp is rocketing to 90c. I've tried to change it's fan speed in Catalyst Control Center, Sapphire Trixx and even in MSI Afterburner with no respond. Usually, if I cranked up the speed to 100%, it's rpm goes around 2.4k and it is so loud except for now. I've tried reinstalling the driver with no luck. I've start experiencing this problem after I put this card on another mobo (Asrock H61M VS B3) and back to my original mobo(asus p8z68m-pro).

Hope someone answer my problem. thnx :D
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  1. Check if the card is properly connected to the board, you should be able to see the connector. Also check your settings carefully, you said that when you crank up the speed it becomes loud, which means it is working right? Try with various manual speeds, but DO NOT run furmark if the fan is stuck on 20%!

    hope this helps!
  2. Sorry for delay in reply, i've tried rechecking its settings and resetting the videocard itself to the pci slot, but still the speed doesnt respond. I think, it's pwm controller is already busted out. The temp when I'm in my typical gaming scenario goes around 69-71c, not so high like when I run furmark and so, I think, I've must just ignore it except it goes 90+c which is critical and could damage the videocard itself.

    thnx for reply. :)
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