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Radeon HD 6530D and Radeon HD 3800, which one is better? And by how much is it better, thanks and please explain :) also, what does the D stand for, that is why i don't see it as straight forward as it probably is...
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    d stands for Dedicated. you are probably looking at an amd cpu with integrated graphics
    the integrated graphics will be better since its three generations newer
  2. No idea. The 3800 is 4 generations ago (3xxx, 4xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx), that doesn't mean it's slower, but I would bet money the 6530 is faster.

    The 6530 will also be more efficient and work with DX11.

    However if your gaming, I would recommend something much better than that crap like maybe a HD7750. The HD7750 is still low end, and it doesn't require much power supply.

    What cpu and psu do you have and what is your budget for a video card?
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