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A good buddy of mine recently built himself a new computer, but only had enough to buy the tower without a GPU. His plan was to wait a month and then buy my old 560ti when I bought my new 7870. Well, both of us have fund issues at the moment and can't buy a new GPU at this time. So he asked me which would be the better alternative to go with. He is a very casual gamer playing mostly Guildwars and Diablo 2, but is wanting to play Diablo 3 when it gets released. Other than that he just surfs the net and watches the occasional youtube video.

So since he has an i5-2400 with the Intel HD2000 graphics, would it be better for him to use the integrated graphics or use an old PNY 8600GT OC 512mb card he has from his old old computer he upgraded from? He is perfectly fine with playing at lower settings for the time being as it will be a temporary thing.
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  1. 8600 GT is better than intel HD 2000.
  2. 8600 is better im pretty sure
  3. Definitely the 8600. I have a machine with a Core 2 Duo @ 3.2GHz with an 8600 GTS and the Diablo III beta is playable. It's definitely good enough to use until he can upgrade, and I'm sure with an i5-2400 it'll be even more playable than with my C2D.
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    8600 GT is and old card but it is definitely better than Intel HD2000. Tom's has a monthly chart that ranks cards and integrated graphics as well...,3107-7.html
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  6. Thanks to all.
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