Eee pc 1015pn, optimus not working on win 7 ultimate 64bi

i cant get the Asus graphic switch software to work on 64bit win 7 ultimate, maybe because the software i got from the Asus website was the 32bit because there wasn't one for the 64bit. iv'e been told that it should work but when i download and use it, the user interface has no text at all so i don't have a clue what;s going on. any help would be much appreciated.
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  1. It almost sounds like your 1024x600 LCD screen might be keeping the Asus program from displaying.
    Can you see all four corners of the program? Do you need to scroll to see the complete user interface?
  2. no i dont need to scroll, i can see the interface fine, its just that there's no text on it.
  3. Running a 32bit program on a 64bit OS isn't the problem.

    Maybe switch back to your default OS and try it with that?
  4. i would but the default OS is windows starter and that suck's, excuse me.
  5. Maybe, but I get it would run that program.
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