Liquid Cooling for GTX 680 and I7 3820

Hey Guys,

So this is my build so far:

Intel I7 3820 Quad Core:
EVGA GeForce GTX 680 SC Signature2:
KingWin Lazer Power Supply 1000 Watts:
16gb Crucial Ballistix Smart Tracer RAM:
128gb Crucial m4:
Raid 1 WD Black 7200rpm 500gb:
Lite On DVD Drive:
LG Blu-ray Drive:

So thats my build, the case is custom built. My question is i want to liquid cool the CPU and GPU. I'm looking at these parts so far but my question is will the 2 x 120mm radiator be good enough to get rid of the heat or should i put two radiators or maybe even do a two loop.

Ok just adding to my question here how powerful does the pump need to be what is the min. flow rate i should have since im going through a CPU, GP, Radiator and Reservoir.


I haven't thought about fans or other stuff yet. I'm also not looking for completely low temperatures.
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  1. 1 radiator should be fine since you can't overclock your cpu.
  2. Firstly you have the Wrong CPU for your mainboard
    The i7 3820 is a LGA2011 socket
    and the Asus P8H77-V pro is a LGA1155 socket

    Ideally if you want to cool both the CPU and GPU go for a 1x 240 and 1x 120 or 1x 360 Rads
  3. Hi there i highly recommend you read the watercooling sticky
  4. At kitsunestarwind
    sorry mate put the wrong board thats my brothers computer board mines the Asus P9X79
    But thanks for the reply, so i've decided to go with the 360 rad will a pump with 8.7L/min be strong enough.
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