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I just bought a new heatsink for my GPU. I was advised to buy this arctic cooler thermal paste. I noticed that the heatsink came with a thermal compound on it already. Should I remove that before applying my custom thermal paste, or do I just put this right on top of it?

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  1. The arctic silver will be of slightly higher quality, and you'll probably see slightly better temps. Since GPUs tend to run hot, I'd recommend using the arctic silver.
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    Always remove old compound (or new if you hare replacing). The Arctic Silver site has complete instructions on how to prep and apply the paste.
  3. If you decide you do not want to use the thermal paste that it pre-applied to the heatsink, you will need to remove it before applying the new thermal paste.

    -Wolf sends
  4. Plus there are a lot of videos on how to apply/remove thermal paste. You might not need the best stuff unless you're thinking of overclocking a lot but always get an after market thermal paste with good reviews even if it's not from a top brand like Arctic Silver or Noctua
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