New Motherboard, CPU, and PSU. Computer shuts down randomly.

Just purchased a new motherboard, MSI Z77 M-Power, CPU, Intel I5-3750k, and replaced my old 1000W Ultra X3 PSU with a Corsair HX750. My current GPU is a MSI GTX 560 Ti Hawk Edition (Twin Frozr III).

My computer was randomly shutting down when playing games after I installed the CPU and MOBO resulting in me swapping for a new PSU (Corsair). However, the same symptoms occur; random shutdowns then reboots when either gaming or just browsing the internet. Now I'm thinking it could be something wrong with the other components.

I've checked the temps and voltages of the system using HWiNFO32 and various monitoring programs and I've been pretty stumped by this recurring problem.
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  1. Could be RAM or HDD. Try running with one stick of RAM in turn, or run Memtest, and run Seatools on your HDD
    If nothing found start looking sideways at the new mobo!
  2. There is a new BIOS update for my motherboard, I might try updating it to see what happens. Ran Prime95 and Furmark to stress my CPU and GPU, nothing happened.
  3. Ran the HDD and Memory tests, both Passed 100%.
  4. Due to random nature of failure you'll need to run Memtest for hours to be sure, or stress your system with just one stick at a time. Faulty GPU is another possibility, think you have an onboard GPU you could try, to rule out your GTX 560...
  5. I did a Memtest+ for each stick (2 x 4gb) both passed, took forever though. I'm trying to find a way to weed out if it's the GPU or MOBO. I just recently flashed the BIOS to the latest version as well.
  6. Just ran 3d Mark 11 for good measure, went through the benchmark tests just fine and the shut off hasn't happened so far today, but I've just been browsing the internet and testing hardware. Going to try a few games later to see what happens.
  7. Hope it wasn't something silly like a badly seated RAM stick, bit of dust maybe...
  8. Been playing some games like Borderlands 2 and F1 2012, no shutdowns or reboots. Could've been a bad BIOS that came with the Motherboard.
  9. Well, one of the reasons the new BIOS was issued was 'Improved Memory Compatibility' so perhaps your Memory was marginally incompatible. Either way, you're 'up-and-running', hope it stays that way...
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