New build, won't post beep, no video at all.

My PC is starting up, I don't hear any beeps really. I get no video. This is a new system build. I'm worred the MOBO Is bad at this point.

mobo - Gigabyte 970A-UD3

AMD FX Black 8 core

EVGA GTX550Ti video card

The PSU is new, Thermaltake SmartM750M.

I had a spare nvideo 260 card and I'm having the same problem. I tried different memory sticks in different slots, even just one stick and no sticks. I don't get any warning beeps despite having the speaker plugged in (appropriately I think.

I checked the PSU CPU 8pin plug. That seems seated well.

I can't try another processor as this is the only AMD processor I have.

I am NOT able to see any video, no BIOS, nothing. The drives, fans run and seem right. The monitors are fine


any suggestions? Seems like a bad mobo is more likel than a bad processor. People in other threads talk about flashing the bios, but I can't get to that step to even try.

There are no lights on the MOBO that I can see, no warning lights I mean. I did replace the clock battery temporarily with another one, and no change there.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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  1. Just to add, the MOBO doesn't do anything different when memory is out and video card is out. So it doesn't seem to care.
  2. i have the same problem
  3. You need to update your BIOS to the latest before it will support the FX series. This means going to Ebay and buying a cheap Sempron 140 or the like to flash your BIOS

    the 145s seem most plentiful.... perhaps share one with skitz...
  4. Actually just downloaded the Manual and it appears you have Q flash which enables you to flash the BIOS without Windows
    Chapter 4-2-1
  5. this is so strange. So the MOBO i was sold at the store doesn't support the chip they also recommended me at the store. I"m not sure how to address this with them, but I'm going to be taking the PC up there.
  6. So Microcenter (physical location) was a big help. They actually let me work on my system in their back room when I explained what was up. They let me use a restocked sempron chip to test my board and load the new BIOS. They were super helpful. In the end, I needed a replacement processor but I'm good to go. I've been buying stuff at Microcenter for years but this is the first time I really feel like I got the royal treatment. So you all were right, but I had a cpu problem as well as needing the bios update.
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