How do you monitor your GPU's heat/etc?

So, I've successfully built my first system, around EVGA's GTX 570.

However, I can't seem to find in the nVidia driver or in my MoBo (ASRock Extreme3 Gen3) drivers/utilities anything that will let me monitor my GPU temps.

Is there a separate monitoring/overclocking utility that I can download, or am I just missing something obvious? If I do need to download a third party utility, are there any recommendations for what to go for?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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  1. Evga's precision software comes with every Evga card and you can monitor everything with it and you can even overclock the gpu with it.
  2. You can use third party softwares/tools to monitor temps of your GPU.
    HWMonitor, lets you check the temps of almost all of the major components of your PC.


    Or you can use EVGA Precision. It monitors your GPU temps only. It should have come with the disk whn you bought your EVGA GTX 570. Otherwise, you might as well download the latest version from their website. The ones from the disk, might be a bit old.

    EVGA Precision
  3. Afterburner is the standard GPU monitoring and tweak utility, even used by Tom's Hardware for their graphics card testing:
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