Does computer need antenna for wireless?

hello, making a new computer here. First time making one. My old compaq needed an anteena so wondering if computer needs a antenna to detect wireless network. Since the computer is going to be roughly 20-30meters away from the router. And mobos now adays doesnt seem to have the adaptor thing for antenna. if antenna is needed where can i get those adaptors? Thanks
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  1. Yes you need an antenna.
  2. But most mobo's now doesnt have the thing to connect the antenna to where can i get those?
  3. If you want wireless, you must make sure you buy a motherboard with that feature built in, or you will need to buy a wireless plugin card like the one mentioned above.
  4. Hi

    If you don't want to open the PC case then USB wireless adaptors are available.

    The connection speed depends on how many walls are in the way and what they are made of and the Wireless/Router/Modem you are using.


    Mike Barnes
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