4 x 4 array of 16 monitors, 24" each

Could anyone help me with a custom build of a PC that has 16 outputs of 16 individual 24" monitors ?

I have looked at some motherboards, but cannot find one that has 8 Pcie 16x slots. The 4-port video cards out there are pretty pricey, never mind the 6 port video cards.

And if the customer wanted to upgrade to 25 monitors ( 5 x 5 array ), how would someone accomplish that feat ?

Please let me know.

Thank you,

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  1. I'm not sure that is possible to do on a single traditional PC...

    Nothing has 8 PCIe slots because the maximum number of GPUs that you can put in SLI / Crossfire is 4.
  2. The motherboard with the most pci=e slots is 7. There are several and this is one of them.


    To be able to use all 7 slots you would have to use single slot video cards.
  3. That type of system is available from people that work with rendering, such as this with 7 Pci e slots. Google with rendering, render farm, gpu farm, etc

  4. Inzone is spot on with the video cards

    that motherboard is skt 1366 and a bit old now tho.

    what does the customer want to display?
    same screen 16 times or different things on all displays?
    you may be able to do it with splitters if its just cloning.
  5. I'm not sure eyefinity will work with that many, but it may be possible to use an extended desktop.

    While there are some fairly pricey cards with up to 6 mini-displayports, there are some more reasonable FLEX cards, which allow up to 5 outputs per card. You do not want to use crossfire in these configurations, so it doesn't matter if the cards can crossfire with 4 cards.

    Four of these can get you to 16 monitors assuming it's possible to get windows to display 16 monitors in the first place: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102938
  6. The customer wants 6 separate displays on 6 separate monitors as follows:

    1.) Cable TV
    2.) Video feed from the internet
    3.) Static image ( Outlook )
    4.) Static image ( Quickbooks )
    5.) Static image ( Microsoft MapPoint )
    6.) Internet Explorer
  7. Two FLEX cards can do that.
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