I5 3570 k h80 temps

i just installed my corsair h80 and running prime 95 for an hour i get and average load temp of 45 to 46, is this good ? should i go ahead and oc with those temps do i have room to get hotter ? :P thanks
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  1. If its under 50c then its good (for a water cooler), what are full load temps?
  2. i told you load temps are 46 to 47 :P
  3. You didn't state low or high load thats why i asked.

    They are fine, you can overclock but try to get to the highest stable clock speed on stock voltages.
  4. oh you want idle :O, ahah idle is 29-35
  5. I didn't say that but thanks anyway, keep on increasing the clock speed little bits at a time (in 100MHz steps) until it gets unstable and while you are doing that monitor temps.
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