Will not boot straight to windows.

I have just recently built a computer for myself and it is my first experience with SSD.

Computer works well, except for the boot. During boot up it will not automatically start windows without me having to hit the ESC key and choosing a no boot loader option (on the SSD I guess).

What can I do to get around that without having to hit the ESC key?

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  1. enter the bios settings and make sure that the SSD is the first device in the boot list.
  2. i have that board and intel ssd. i thought it was my board but it a bug in the bios. the bios that asus has only shows one boot hd but will show reg cd-rom and the efi cd-rom. i got my ssd to boot by going into the boot screen. it under hard drive devices.
    depending on the sata port you used you see (o) device xxxxx (1) ssd you just change that boot order and then save and reboot. going back in your ssd should now be on the easy bios page. if it nt check that you have both bios turn on.
  3. I actually wish it was as simple as that. Unfortunately my monitor is not able to display the entire bios? I only get a 4:3 view and the bios seems to be at a much higher resolution than what is being displayed within the viewing area. Therefore I am left with cutoffs of the bios screen. After I have started to use the arrows to browse, I eventually found the boot devices and the SSD is set up as the only boot device. I have completely removed the BDROM from the list.

    Still at this point, the only thing that occurs is that it loads bios, has the blinking underscore for a split second and then reboots after a black screen. The only way I end up breaking the cycle is by hitting the ESC key, and in a red menu, which I believe is GRUBLoader, and the option I have to choose to boot into windows is "Boot Windows without Loader". There are other options of which neither work. Wish I had a screenshot to show you. And yes, I am installing Windows 7x64.
  4. Also, from my understanding the SSD should work like a regular hard drive? Or is this not the right train of thought?
  5. it does but for some reason the asus bios will put the hard drive or cd-rom in boot as the first boot device. you should be able to use the arrow keys to scroll down.
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