Video card for Intel mobo

Have Intel D925XCV/D915PBL ATX mobo
Having trouble locating a video card for the
PCI Expressx16 slot. Also have 4 PCI slots I'm wondering if can use in lieu of the Express slot.
Not using this for gaming just movies and regular graphics.Tried a Prolink ADD2-RL625A card but had no display. Can I use an ATI Radeon X300 in a PCI slot instead?
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  1. D925XCV and D915PBL appear to be very different motherboards. Which one is it? I'd suggest popping open the case and reading the label.

    However, I'll assume it's the D925.

    That Prolink... I don't even know what that would be used for. It seems like all it does is add a DVI output but it's not a GPU.

    Now, you should be able to use an X300 but I'd suggest you just go buy something new. The biggest reason is that the new cards actually output a better video signal and often have better video decompression and decoding output. Tom's did a review on the 5000 series Radeons vs 400 series GeForce cards, which is where I'm getting that info (no link, sorry... don't feel like sifting through hundreds of articles)

    Anyway, since it's for movies and desktop stuff but not gaming I'd suggest something like:

    $49.99 -$10 MIR GeForce GT 520 1GB

    $29.99 Radeon 5450 512MB

    Either will be fine, without knowing the rest of your system I'd probably just go with the 5450.
  2. Thanks Wolfram
    The lit I got with the board shows both mobo numbers but the board itself does appear to be the 925. That being said I believe you're telling me the regular PCI slot can be used with your recommended 5450.. Further info is it has room for 4 gigs
    of DDR2 ram and is running a P4 3.2 gig pocessor LGA775 with a 350W PSU
    Thanks for your help...Let me know if any of this info makes a difference
  3. Just one thing. The motherboard has PCI and PCIe. They are slightly different. The 5450 would run in the PCIe slot, of which there is only 1.

    4 gigs of RAM would be a good idea, although unfortunately DDR2 is pretty expensive these days.

    Other than that, this system is ok for general computing needs and watching movies.
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