6870 worth it?

so heres the coworker has a HIS 6870 for sale @ $100. should i take it?

i was looking to get a 7850 originally. for power consumptions sake. i have a 550w corsair tx model.

is it worth it? it would save me hell bucks...which i like...though it is a HIS brand. will i be able to run it?

never bought one HIS brand b4
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  1. You'll be fine. But... Brand new one for ~115 after rebates..
  2. yikes! thanks for the link. hopefully i can use that as a reference to drop the price a lil bit :D

    all i plan on using it for is tera, gw2 n d3 on a fx 8120.
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    You would be good for another year with that card and by then you would have saved up enough money to get one of the new series that are out. Good luck to you.
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