Asus a8v deluxe

I would like to know if I can install windows 7 & a new solid state drive on this system. Curently have 2gb ddr 400 memory, Atholon 3800 wd 250gb ide hd
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  1. asus dont list windows 7 drivers for the Asus a8v deluxe

    so you would have to hope the vista drivers would work or that windows update can automatically find drivers
  2. should support win 7 but with 2 gig will take the 32 bits
  3. I have 7 running on the ASUS A8N-E board, I believe this board is comparable to what you propose building.
    Socket 939 with only 1GB ram.
  4. Don't look too deep for current VIA chipset support on any boards no-a-days. It's a waste of time. Works how it did back when it did and that's about it.
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