Are my temps too high, even with liquid cooling?

I recently purchased a Corsair H80 liquid CPU cooler, after seeing that my i7 965 was idling at about 60C and hitting 80C under pressure (yikes!). After installing the H80 however, while the temperature decrease was appreciable, I'm concerned that it may still be smaller than what it rightly should have been. As of now, it idles around 45C and gets to about 55C under pressure, with no overclocking to speak of (3.2GHz), and with the radiator fans set to a speed at which they are obnoxiously loud. At first, it would go into the high 30s to low 40s at idle, but it's decided to stop that nonsense :pt1cable:

My question is: Are the temperatures I'm getting now, after I put in the H80 where they should be? I'm seeing other people with H80s getting down to the mid 20s and low 30s.

System specs:

Intel core i7 965 Extreme @ 3.2GHz
EVGA X58 FTW3 Motherboard
2x Nvidia GeFore GTX 560Tis

(Side note, GPUs are running a little hot too, about 45C idle and 60C at load. Maybe they are connected?)

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  1. 60c is a GREAT load temp for 2 560's in SLI. And 55c load temps for the CPU sound pretty good too.

    My 560's hit 73c today playing Dead Island.
  2. Okay, thanks! That's a relief, especially seeing that your setup is similar to mine.
  3. airbase said:
    Okay, thanks! That's a relief, especially seeing that your setup is similar to mine.

    i have a core I5 2500k system in a CM STORM case,with a hyper 212 cpu cooler with a single 120mm idle cpu temps are 28-35c.(20c room temp).when i am gaming it increases to 38-45c...airflow in your case will make quite a difference to temps in general,my gtx 560ti can range from 60-80c depending on room temps under load
  4. It sounds like the watercooling solved your problem. It won't lower temperatures much at idle (unless something was wrong in your previous setup), but under load is where it makes a real difference. 25C lower looks pretty good to me, and a 55C load temp is nothing to worry about.

    As others have sort of pointed out, the temperature of the room you're in makes a big difference too. That's the baseline coolest it would be possible to get your machine without some kind of refrigeration. If room temperature is 15C or 20C, your machine will probably run a lot cooler than if it's a sunny 30C day. That alone could be responsible for the few degrees' difference you noticed - when it used to idle in the high 30s and now idles closer to 45.
  5. I hadn't even considered that the room temp might be affecting the comp's temps. Doh! Thanks a bunch! Turned my ceiling fan on high and opened my door. :bounce:
  6. Temps are good. Don't worry about idle temps as that doesn't tell you much, load temps are most important. The 9xx series has a Tcase of 67.9*C. So as long as your below that temp you have nothing to be worried about
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